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Fernando Martínez
Artist | Student | Varied

I’m a graphic designer based on Guatemala who is currently trying to get better at drawing, so it’s on the menu at least three times a day as long as no fish or monkeys are involved.

I’m searching for my personal style and would love to hear what you think of my pieces. I promise I don’t bite!

Soy un diseñador gráfico de Guatemala. En estos momentos estoy tratando de mejorar mis habilidades así que el dibujo está, por lo menos, en el menú tres veces al día.

Todavía ando es búsqueda de estilo propio y me encantaría saber que es lo que piensan de mis piezas. ¡Les prometo que no muerdo!


Kangaroo Cannon
This was a silly thing I did with a friend while we were trying Drawpile. T'was fun! Challenging since it doesn't have all the nice things we're used too on SAI or PS but still fun.

We had to choose two random words and make something out of them... I think :T


You can also find me on Twitter, FacebookTumblr, FurAffinity, Furry Network, Behance, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+!

Sketch Dump 20161205 01
More Twitter shenanigans. A random canine whom I swore was a horse, a friendly hug, someone falling asleep at the cinema, and an unsure shoebill who was pretty pissed.

I can never find good titles for my sketches :p


You can also find me on Twitter, FacebookTumblr, FurAffinity, Furry Network, Behance, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+!

Hue 12 - Thinking By The Violet River
Sitting and contemplating how life passes by as a river does. It may look the same but it never is, and it slowly (sometimes so slowly one doesn't even notice until it has happened) changes.


Ref. from


You can also find me on Twitter, FacebookTumblr, FurAffinity, Furry Network, Behance, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+!

If Abendua Came From Thoughts
“Abendua came into being on Anise’s apartment’s balcony. It was a bright and sunny, and in contrast to what Anise’s week had been she had been happy all day. She concentrated on someone who could help her with keeping that mood with her eyes closed. A few moments later she heard a low voice saying, “hello”.

It was as much of a shock to her as it was for her parents. The had extensively discussed that she was not going to have one as it could en up being as unpredictable as her. For about a month he stayed outside on the balcony (thankfully it was summer so he wasn’t too uncomfortable) until her parents took a liking to him. In that whole month Anise had, for some reason, less mood swings and none were extreme. When they asked her she said it was Abendua’s special fruit. She would take a small bite of the right one of them to counter a negative feeling (or to level exaggerated happiness), and that was how she had managed lately. Abendua could grow fruits of feelings- depending on his own mood a fruit of a certain colour (yellow for happiness, orange for gladness, red for anger, purple for sadness, black for depression, and so on and so forth) would appear about every two hours.

After that her parents were much more open to Abendua and allowed him inside. It was a little difficult to move with the tree on his back so he stayed out most of the time until they got permission from the landlord to move him to the roof, where he had much more room to move and a special place to protect himself from the weather.

This relationship was mostly good until as a late teenager Anise found out about bipolar medication (now that she was diagnosed), and preferred that to Abendua’s fruits. He got restless since he got less visits and the tenants on the last floor objected to him being up there any longer. After some time it was decided he would have to move out and that’s how he landed on Foster’s.

He was courteous and pleasant with other residents. When asked how he was doing he’d always answer he was doing fine and would try to help where he could. Still… it took long for him to stop producing only black fruits.

His rutine now is go to his favourite spot on the garden during the day to receive sun and only goes back in if someone needs his help (or it’s winter). He hasn’t been seen running so don’t expect him to get anywhere fast. He doesn’t eat too much but he drinks a lot of water which is why his spot is near a fountain.”


This one was a quickie done for a little game/challenge I'm having with some friends. The theme was "make your fursona an imaginary friend from Foster's Home". Didn't need to work much on Abendua for this :p His story is pretty similar with some changes but I think it fit hims.

This is non-canon for Abendua, of course!


You can also find me on Twitter, FacebookTumblr, FurAffinity, Furry Network, Behance, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+!



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